Suicide prevention day

I would like to share this true account in the hope that it may just help and inspire others to seek an alternative route as there is always HOPE.


11 years ago, I knew someone suffering from such sever Anxiety that it was consuming every aspect of their daily life.


On the outside they had developed 100’s of coping mechanisms and avoidance strategies to reduce the anxious moments. Yet the more theythingsthey avoided and the more new coping strategies they developed the anxiety always found new ways to always take control. 


This lead them into depression.

Although they were not aware this was the case and never asked or reached out for help, 

As let’s be honest 10-12 years ago MENTAL HEALTH still carried a stigma of not being talked about or approached and even today statistics still show that men are still less likely to omit to needing support.


Until one Day that crunch moment came when they could take no more, they had hit rock bottom they had no energy left to put on the charade to the outside world.

There was no peace no joy in anything no escape 


At that point they had only one thought make the Pain stop.


So, they made a plan. (which I will not go into)


Fortunately, in this case there was someone who noticed who witnessed these changes in behaviour.


They were brave enough to step-in to talk and listen and support them


They guided them on a path to finding help and support 


They were there as the tough times began as slowly their pain began to unfold. 


Listened, when they talked about their fears supported them through this moment.


Accompanied them on their journey of change, Through CBT 



So, on this day of suicide prevention I would just like to share this and say to you all 



If you are suffering please please Speak out it will be hard to admit that you need help, but we all need help at some point in our lives.


It will be hard and painful and seeking help isn’t weakness it’s strength and courage and you will be better and stronger from this.


Finally should someone reach out to you and admit  THEY NEED HELP don’t be afraid you don’t have to be a Doctor or Therapist or trained in any way, just listening could be the difference and then guide that person to where they can find the help and support to see them through this time of ill health, after all that’s what it is.


Thank you for reading this and please feel free to share in the hope that it helps and inspires others to make a different choice.


As for the person referred to in this true story, I can confirm that it did make a difference to them and to the life they lead and enjoy after all I’m typing it to share with you.  


The most wonderful time of the year !



Christmas is the busiest happiest truly wonderful time of the year.


Or is it?


Some dread Christmas the stress of planning gifts, the responsibility of cooking the Christmas dinner the anxiety of having to attend social engagements can make it the most stressful anxious time compounded by the fact that Christmas seems to start so early these days.


So how about approaching these anxieties and stressful situations from a different point of view.


1 The gift, truly any gift given should be well received don’t consider yourself to be judged by reactions, you have taken the time and thought to give the gift but you can’t demand the reaction of others to receive the gift in the way you would like as we have no control over this 


2 The Christmas dinner, I know in our home Christmas dinner is an occasion all of its own but it is after all just a dinner maybe with more trimmings and silly hats but none the less a meal like any other.


So, take away the thought that this is a onetime thing because it isn’t the only difference from a Sunday roast to Christmas dinner is the traditional turkey and paper hats from a cracker.


Embrace the moment of just sharing this meal with family or friends or with whomever or wherever you choose to be.     


3 The social functions, for some this is what Christmas is all about the gatherings the fun the laughter.

For those that this is the most intolerable thing they can do take a moment and ask yourself why.


Some may say the think or feel the following 


I’m Boring who has told you this is it a thought or a truth if you just think this then I’m almost sure that it’s not the truth.


I’m going to say something stupid and people will think I’m stupid. 


One stupid comment does not make a person stupid all the time we all say the wrong thing from time to time.


Learn to laugh at yourself and don’t demand that you have to say and do the right thing all the time 


The most important thing from all of this is to consider the one true underlying FACT 



Therefore, we make mistakes we get things wrong we are fallible.

So, make Christmas 2018 a time to relax enjoy and generally less judgemental of yourself and remember it OK to want thing to be the best they can be but perfection is impossible 



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A good deed goes a long way. #bekind #Mentoring #leadershipmatters #mentalhealth


Make you smile to

Research Carried out shows that doing 1 good deed for someone also raises our own self esteem.

Why not try it today one small deed for a colleague a friend or a stranger.

They don’t have to be grand gestures maybe making a coffee for someone who isn’t taking a break.

Making that phone call to just say “hello I’m thinking of you”.

Try it today Be that someone.